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Being one of the staple breakfast dishes in the Maldives, Mass Roshi is a type of flatbread that pairs well with the Maldivian curries. It is soft and has a distinctive taste; it soaks up curries very well and it accentuates that taste of anything you try with it. Here is an easy recipe for making mass roshi and Rihaakuru – a condiment that will go well with Mass Roshi.




·        750g wheat flour – sifted

·        15g salt

·        70 ml of vegetable oil

·        250g Warm water

Ingredients for filling

·        300g Canned tuna chunks {light meat) oil drained

·        150g no's coconut – scraped/grated

·        20g Hot chilli (githeyo mirus) – finely chopped

·        20g curry leaves – finely chopped

·        50g onion – finely sliced

·        15g garlic – finely chopped

·        10g ginger – finely chopped

·        30g Fresh tomato chopped

·        10g. Salt

·        20g Copy leaves - finely sliced

·        20 to 30ml lime juice

Mustard Sauce

·        10g Mustard paste

·        40ml coconut milk

·        05ml Lime juice 

·        1 tsp salt

Rihaakuru Onion

Rihaakuru, mix with chopped onion, a dash of coconut milk & lime juice

Method of Preparation

1.      Make the dough by mixing flour, salt, Vegetable oil together & by adding warm water gradually.

2.      Make into 50g. to 60g. balls & allow resting for 03 to 04 hrs in room temperature. (can be rested in refrigerator after keeping 02 hrs in room temperature)

3.      Mix all ingredients for filling together except copy leaves, tomato & lime juice.

4.      Add in copy leaves, tomato & season with salt & lime juice. Flatten the rested balls, place 25. to 30g. filling in the center.

5.      Bring all edges together &flatten out to small round disc shape.

6.      Cook on both sides on the hot frying pan or grill plate without oil.

7.      Serve warm with mustard sauce & Rahaakuru onion

Mustard Sauce

1.      Bring coconut milk & mustard paste boil together to a fairly thick sauce.

2.      Take off the fire & season with lime juice