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I've lived in the South West most of my life and here is a tasty treat from me to you.


1 slice of sour dough or wheat toast per person.

1-3 eggs per person.

1 can black or pinto beans per small group.

1 avocado per small group, sliced.

2-4 corn tortillas per person XOR 1-2 flour tortillas per person. Fresh tortillas are the best.

1-5 Serrano peppers, chopped or sliced.

Long Horn or Cheddar cheese, shredded.

Butter, not margarine. 

Sour cream.

Jalapeno and strawberry jam.

Red Devil Louisianan Hot Sauce. Has lots of vinegar and is good on eggs.

My families Taco Salsa recipe, optional.  Feel free to blend with the Serranos instead of serving them raw.


Put corn tortillas on a plate with a moist paper towel on top of them into the microwave.

Start preparing toast in the toaster or frying pan.

Start heating up beans in a pan or the microwave.

Scrambled eggs go the best with the Red Devil.

Slather butter on toast. When in doubt, use double. Coat with jalapeno jelly.

For corn tortillas, heat up for 10 to 60 seconds in the microwave.

For flour tortillas, use a gas oven and slowly rotate the tortilla over the flame. Don't burn. IF you don't have a gas oven, prepare like corn tortillas.

Top eggs with Taco Salsa, Serrano peppers, Red Devil, avocado, beans, shredded cheese, and sour cream.

Serve with hot corn tortillas on side or inside flour tortillas as a breakfast burrito. For breakfast burritos, lay one tortilla down on the plate. Make your burrito and wrap the bottom tortilla around the bottom half of your burrito. This prevents leakage.

Hope all you creatures of the night can handle the heat,