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For some reason my family has a great tuna recipe that is really simple.


I like containers like tupper ware.

Sourdough bread is my favorite bread with this dish.

Potatoe chips are nice and salty and go with the tuna.

Kosher dill pickel.  A garlic pickel would be fine too.

Fresh greens like lettuce or spinach or both.

1-2 cans of golden canned tuna in water.  NEVER OIL!!!

Real mayonaise, not miracle whip.

Garlic powder, kosher xor himalayan salt, ground pepper.  Don't ever use garlic salt, it's 90% salt and 10% garlic powder.

Clear Vinegar. 


Open cans of tuna and drain the excess water.  I don't like soggy tuna, but let me tell you how to do it.

Use about about one big spoon of mayonaise per can of tuna.  Same as above, I don't like soggy tuna.

Stir together.

Put one to two capfulls per can of tuna into the mix.  Sprinkle spices on top.

Stir together.

If it's too thin, just pop another can of tuna open and to thicken it up.

If it's too thick, just dab a little mayonaise on top and stir it in.

If you have kids, put the chips on the sandwich and smoosh it down.  Cut the crusts off and cut it into four pieces.  Don't put greens on.

Serve and enjoy!