Vegetables a la Grecque

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water 1 1/2 Cups

olive oil 1/4 Cup

lemons (juice) 2

salt 1 Teaspoon

garlic 2 or 3 Cloves

bay leaf 1

parsley 1 Sprig

celery Top 1

Dried thyme 1 Teaspoon

fennel Sprig or fennel seeds* (optional)

white pepper 1/2 Teaspoon

Dash of hot pepper Sauce


Small Artichokes (about 2 Inches) or 12 Hearts 12Large-Stalked asparagus 2 Pounds

Scallions 20

Small zucchini (about 2 Inches) 12-16

Whole Baby carrots 12-16

Small Mushrooms 1 Pound

White onions 28-30 Small


  • 1. Combine All The Ingredients of The Sauce And Bring to a Boil. Boil For 5 Minutes.
  • 2. Add Fresh Vegetables And Simmer Until Just Tender. do Not Overcook.
  • 3. Let Them Cool in The Sauce.
  • 4. Serve Chilled With Some Sauce Spooned Over; or Drain, And Serve With Vinaigrette Sauce.Or, The Vegetables Can be Removed When They're Done, The Sauce Cooked Down UntilSomewhat Reduced, Then Cooled And Poured Over The Vegetables.
  • 5. Top With Chopped parsley, chives And Fresh tarragon.Notes
  • do Not Use Seeds of Any Kind Until Three Months After The Last Symptom Has Disappeared AndThen Try Them Cautiously. (btvc)

Any Number of Vegetables May be Cooked in This Sauce And Served Cold. as a First Course orWith Cold Meats or Fish as a Main Lunch Dish. or Serve Several Vegetables a la Grecque on aCombination Hors-D'oeuvre Tray With Stuffed eggs, Sliced tomatoes, Thinly Sliced Cold Meat.Vegetables Cooked in This Manner May be Kept in Refrigerator For Several Days.

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