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Water pastry

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Sprinkle flour over a wooden board, make a well in the centre and add 4 eggs, 2 glasses milk, 1 glass melted margarine, water and 1 tablespoon salt together and knead until a dough is formed. Make it into the shape of a roll and slice into 12 equal pieces; press each piece, cover with a wet cloth and allow to stand for half an hour. After half an hour roll the pieces in flour, place them on top of one another, press with the hand, sprinkle flour and roll out one by one but not too thinly. Sprinkle a pinch of corn starch over each piece, place again on top of another, and roll them out again by pressing on the edges of the rolling pin. One by one roll out once more, sprinkle a pinch of corn starch in between them, place on top of one another, and roll them out making one layer of dough larger than the other. One layer of dough must be rolled out twice the size of the baking tray on which it will be cooked. Blend 3 glasses milk and 1 glass melted margarine in a bowl, add 4 eggs, Cheese, chooped Parsley and salt, then continue blending. Grease the baking tray, line the larger layer of dough with it so that it will overlap the size of the tray, then evenly spread over the filling. Put 16 glasses of water into a pan, add 8 tablespoons of salt and bring to boil. Put each piece of the dough into the pan one by one, hold it for one minute then take it out and put into another bowl filled with cold water and press with your hands so that the water drains out. Place on a baking tray. First place one layer of pastry, then the filling, repeat this until all the pastry is used and close the edges with the overlapping piece. Bake in a moderately hot oven for an hour. Remove from the oven, cut into slices and serve.

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