Welch's Frozen Grape Juice Wine

2 cans (11.5 oz) Welch's 100% frozen grape concentrate

1-1/4 lbs granulated sugar

2 tsp acid blend

1 tsp pectic enzyme

1 tsp yeast nutrient

water to make 1 gallon

wine yeast

Bring 1 quart water to boil and dissolve the sugar in the water.

Remove from heat and add frozen concentrate. Add additional

water to make one gallon and pour into secondary. Add remaining

ingredients except yeast. Cover with napkin fastened with rubber

band and set aside 12 hours. Add activated wine yeast and

recover with napkin. When active fermentation slows down (about

5 days), fit airlock. When clear, rack, top up and refit

airlock. After additional 30 days, stabilize, sweeten if desired

and rack into bottles.

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