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Wensleydale cheese is a cheese produced in the town of Hawes in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, England. There are two main types, both of which are suitable for vegetarians:

  • White Wensleydale is usually shaped into a flat disc that is highly pressed, and has a honey flavour to it
    • Real Yorkshire Wensleydale is usually shaped into a variety of weights moulds ranging in size from a small flat disc known as a "truckle" that is highly pressed, and preserved in wax, to several larger cheeses—it is a mild cheese with an acidic-honeyed flavour
    • Mature Wensleydale is a harder, more highly-flavoured version of the Real Yorkshire Wensleydale and highly prized by cheese connoisseurs
    • Extra Mature Wensleydale the strongest Wensleydale cheese, matured for nine months
    • Oak Smoked Wensleydale is cold smoked to produce a cheese with a special tang and texture
  • Blue Wensleydale has blue veins and is produced in large drums. It is highly flavoured but less salty than the classic British blue Stilton

Fans of Wallace & Gromit will recall Wallace's affection for this particular cheese.

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