This sweet, divine pretzel is covered only with white chocolate and is good with any desserts. Make the pretzels more appetizing by serving cold and plain or with other desserts.



White Chocolate Pretzels

  • 1 packet large twist pretzels or (1 dozen baked pretzels)
  • 1 white chocolate block or (1 ¾ cup white chocolate sauce)


  1. Put hot tap water in a double boiler and melt chocolate until juicy.
  2. Remove hot water and replace with cold water in the bottom of the double boiler. Stir chocolate until thickened.
  3. Remove the cold water and put hot tap water once more.
  4. When the chocolate is thin, then drop the pretzels until coated and then remove from chocolate and place them on waxed paper.
  5. Let cool; put in a plastic bag and refrigerator.
  6. Remove the coated pretzels from the plastic bag and serve cold and plain.


How to Make the White Chocolate Pretzels

How to Make the White Chocolate Pretzels

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