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About White chanterelle mushroom Edit

White chanterelle mushrooms, also known as chanterelle subalbidus, are a part of cantharelus cibarius or chanterelle family of mushrooms and it is a mycorrhizal fungus. White chanterelles grow in forests or in other humid locations and they are in California or in the Pacific Northwest of North America. White chanterelle mushrooms are very similar to yellow chanterelle except they color, the first are of course white and they are more fragile. White chanterelle mushrooms are often found hidden alone or scattered under the humus of dead leaves and needles. Several variations of the chanterelle mushrooms are collected and they can be found in markets all over the world, variations such as chanterelle subalbidus and that is because they can be eaten and they are not poisonous. White Chanterelle mushrooms provide the amount of carbohydrates and minerals that we need for a meal. White chanterelle mushrooms as well as other type of chanterelles can be consumed grilled, boiled, dried or fried but they have to be fresh when cooked otherwise they will loose they taste and their natural qualities.

Production of White chanterelle mushroom Edit

White Chanterelles are one of many mushrooms which have proven impossible to grow outside of their natural environment.  There are ads on the internet for growing kits for chanterelle mushrooms, however, they are a waste of money.

White chanterelle mushroom Recipes Edit

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