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Name Variations[]

  • polished rice
  • pearled rice

About White rice[]

White rice is rice which has had the hull and bran detached. It requires its unique nutrients but it cooks faster and stores better. White rice is a superior resource of starch and has a soft taste and fragrance; as well it is recognized as polished rice. White rice is the most important food of a meal in China. This type of rice has a much more different taste than other varieties. The amount of water and the cooking time for it is lesser than black rice. Rice can be cooked into two forms, boiled or dry rice and thin rice. Dry rice is the common major food of a meal and is prepared by boiling or steaming. It is served by Chinese as breakfast or evening meal, or at any time just as a snack, as it's not an extremely substantial food. White rice, simple to consume and digest is considered a part of traditional Chinese medicine food therapy and habitually eaten by the frail. White rice refers to a quantity of ranges used in sweet and flavorful dishes. Long-grain white rice, which is the most frequent type, has slim grains that steam to a light, fluffy consistency. Short-grain and medium-grain varieties have a stickier consistency when cooked.

White rice Recipes[]