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Whitebait is a small transparent fishes that migrate into our rivers during spring and summer. This long, slender fish is a member of the drum family. Its color can range from gray to olive-green; most have greenish backs that fade to olive sides flecked with purple, blue, and gold tones. All species are usually less than 70 mm in length and are usually lightly pigmented. Whitebait has two dorsal fins; first dorsal fin in front of anal fin. Whitebait spends most of their lives in the lower estuaries or the sea with adults migrating to the upper estuaries in early spring to spawn. Eggs are attached to submerged rocks or logs. When the young hatch they drift out to sea to mature and return to spawn the following year. The adults die after spawning. Due to the fact that they are small fish they live by feeding themselves with algae and another fish eggs. This fish has lots of specks on top of head. The white or pinkish-white meat is low in fat and fine in texture. The flavor is mild and sweet with edible skin.

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