Wisconsin Woman's "Best-Ever" Chocolate Chip Cookies Are Created With Love

  • My name is Mae Mueller.
  • I'm a 58 year old housewife, mother, grandmother and Food Service Specialist.
  • No, I don't own a big, fancy factory or anything like that.
  • My factory is my home, and when I'm not working, preparing food for the public, I still do all of my baking right from my very own kitchen!
  • My baking experience began in Wonewoc, Wisconsin when I was 15.
  • My mother taught me how to bake all different kinds of goodies such as cookies, cakes, pies, candy and frosting’s.
  • The one thing that stands out in my mind most of all is a frosting called 7 minute frosting.
  • I had to cook this frosting for 7 minutes, and I had a lot of failures before I finally got it right.
  • But once I did there was no stopping me.
  • At such a tender age, I was really proud of myself and my accomplishments.
  • I even tried to get a job at our local bakery.
  • But Wonewoc was a poor, small town of about 800 people, and back in the 60’s, the local business owners could only afford to hire and pay their own family members.
  • In fact, we were so poor, we didn't even have a bathroom, we had an outhouse.
  • We had no hot water, and we washed the dishes in a little tub on the kitchen table, because we didn't have a sink.
  • Believe me, I know what it's like to grow up in hard times.
  • We literally lived off of the land.
  • My dad was a policeman, so we didn't have a lot of money.
  • However, we did have an acre of land and half of it was turned into a huge garden to feed our family.
  • My mom canned everything she could.
  • My dad was a hunter and a great fisherman, so we ate lots of venison and fish year round.
  • It was a real treat when my mother could afford to go to the store and buy roast beef or chicken.
  • That's why I value and appreciate each and every dollar.
  • I have about 40 years of baking experience, and I'm proficient with pie crusts, breads, candies and cookies.
  • My sense of touch is so accomplished, that I can tell just by feeling the consistency of the dough whether it’s ready for baking or not.
  • My professional cooking and baking career started 15 years ago when I got a job as a cook and baker for several restaurants in my community.
  • I worked my way up to lead baker for a local telephone company, and I made all of the desserts for 500 people, five day’s a week.
  • Believe me, that was no small task, but I never complained about all of the hard work, because I truly love what I do.
  • Each and every dessert I make is made with all of my love.
  • I feel that it’s very important for me to put all of my heart and soul into every dessert I make.
  • I truly feel that God has put me on this earth to show my love through everything that I bake and cook, and that it's my "purpose" to make people happy through my baking.
  • At work I say to myself everyday, "if I can make just one person happy today through my baking a cookie or making a sandwich, my heart will be full of joy!"
  • Here's what a few people who tried my cookies have to say about them:

"Your chocolate chip cookies deserve 5 stars for their freshness and wonderful consistency!"

  • Jerry Sprague Brookfield, Wisconsin

"Mae, your cookies are out of this world!"

  • Andy Kuhn Waukesha, Wisconsin

"Mae: You're a great cook. Your chocolate chip cookies are one of a kind - the best I have ever tasted!"

  • Barbara Klosinski Waukesha, Wisconsin

"Mae: Your chocolate chip cookies are awesome! When you bring them to work for us, it's impossible to eat just one. They just melt in your mouth!"

  • Shelly Bliese North Prairie, Wisconsin

"Your chocolate chip cookies are so wonderful. It's such a treat, when you bring them to work for us. I love them!"

  • Nancy Sprague Brookfield, Wisconsin
  • If you're so inclined, won't you please try my delicious cookies today?
  • They're made with lots of love and no preservatives, and I just know you'll love them!
  • However, if you're not satisfied with my cookies for any reason, I'll give you back your money.
  • I think that's fair, don't you?
  • Blessing’s to all who read this!

  • Mae Mueller is a 58 year old housewife, mother, grandmother and Food Service Specialist residing in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
  • Visit Mae's blog today and try her amazingly, delicious "Best-Ever" Chocolate Chip Cookies!
  • Mae Mueller may be contacted at
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