Fatigmann (norwegian Cookies)

This is a Crisp, Fried Cookie.

By Evelyn/Athens

  • 4 Dozen 40 minutes 10 minutes Prep

Change To: Dozen us Metric

icing sugar

Beat Together egg Yolks And salt Until Thick And Light. Beat in LightCream, sugar And butter. Sift Together flour And nutmeg. Add to EggYolk Mixture With lemon Rind. Mix Well, Then Chill 1 Hour.Roll Out 1/4 of The Dough at a Time, Keeping The Remaining DoughChilled. Roll 1/16 Inch Thick. Cut in 1 1/2-Inch Wide Strips. CutDiagonally at 4-Inch Intervals. Make 1 Inch Slit Lengthwise in CenterOf Each Piece. Slip One End Through The Slit. Fry a Few at a Time inDeep Fat (350 Degrees f) For 1 to 2 Minutes or Until Golden. RemoveFrom Fat With a Slotted Spoon. Drain on Paper Towels. Sprinkle WithIcing sugar. Store in an Airtight Container.

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