Wrapped Salmon


  • 4 (6 Ounce) Fillets Salmon, With Skin And Bones Removed
  • 8 Sheets phyllo dough
  • 1/2 Cup Melted butter

salt to Taste

Ground black pepper to Taste


Preheat Oven to 375 Degrees f (190 Degrees C).

Cut The Filets Into Log Shaped Pieces, About 2 Inches Wide by 5 Inches Long, Keeping The Filet Portions Separate. Take 2 Sheets of phyllo dough, Placing One on Top of The Other, And Brush Lightly With Melted butter, Covering The One Side Completely.Place a Portion of Salmon (6 Ounces), on The Edge, Nearest You, of The phyllo dough. Sprinkle With salt And pepper to Taste. Coat The Portion of Salmon With 1 Tablespoon of Dijon mustard.Fold The phyllo dough, Nearest You, Over The Salmon And Make One Complete Wrap. Take The Sides of The Dough And Fold Them Towards The Center, And Continue Rolling up The Dough. Brush All Sides With butter, Covering Completely And Place on a Cookie Sheet. Repeat Steps For Remaining Portions of Salmon.

Bake in Preheated Oven For 20 Minutes or Until phyllo dough is Golden Brown.

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