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Dim sum - beef balls

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  1. Break the bean curd sheet, deep fry by hot oil until bubbles are appeared.
  2. Soak deep-fried bean curd sheet by cool water until fully soft.
  3. Take out and drain dry, place on the plate's surface.
  4. Mix water chestnut powder and corn flour with approx.
  5. 50 ml of water.
  6. Add seasoning to minced beef, stir mix until beef is sticky.
  7. Peel off and wash the water chestnut , then chop into finely dices.
  8. Soak tangerine peel and mince it, chop parsley into small pieces.
  9. Add in water chestnut solution, water chestnut dices and mince tangerine peel.
  10. Stir beef gently again until all materials is well mix, make beef in ball shape.
  11. Place beef balls over the soft bean curd sheets, put plate into steam case.
  12. Steamed by high heat for 6 – 7 minutes, serve with Worcestershire sauce.
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