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Stuffed Grape Leaves

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Rice filling Edit

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  1. Heat oil in a 4-quart saucepan (stainless steel). When piece of Onion sizzles then add pignoli nuts and all of Onion. Mix well, then stir in salt, black and red pepper.
  2. Cook over medium heat stirring all the time. Do not brown Onion. Cook until soft or until color changes from pure white to off-white. Now add washed and drained rice. Mix well. Add chopped parsley and dill mixing well with ingredients in pan. Add 1½ cups water and cook approximately 15 minutes, stirring often so bottom and sides won't stick to pan or burn. Now add lemon juice. Mix well. Remove from heat.
  3. Empty ingredients into open pan. Line bottom of another 4-quart stainless steel pan with grape leaves. (This helps prevent burning.)

Wrapping leaves Edit

(1 cup rice uses up a 9 ounce grapel eaves).

  1. Cut stems off leaves and unfold.
  2. Fill grape leaves with rice mixture using tablespoon.
  3. Mix rice occasionally so oil will be evenly distributed.
  4. Hold leaf on left palm with stem side away from you and vein side up.
  5. Place tablespoon of rice on top end near stem.
  6. Now fold top down and the two sides over, then roll toward the inside of your palm covering all the rice.
  7. Make a firm roll in shape of cigar.
  8. Lay wrapped grape leaves end to end in circle in bottom of pan, covering first the bottom, then start 2nd row continuing in circle pattern. when all wrapped leaves are arranged in pan, add 2 cups of water and cover pan with inverted 10" plate over sarmas and cook until it comes to a boil, then reduce heat and cook ½ hour.
  9. Turn off heat and let set for approximately 15 minutes.
  10. Remove plate. Let cool.

Using same system of arranging in cooking pan, empty rolled leaves carefully and place on shallow serving dish or pyrex bowl.* Cover with saran wrap. Refrigerate. Serve cold or at room temperature. Garnish with lemon wedges or parsley sprigs.

Makes approximately 60 sarmas, using small leaves

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