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This fish is also known as Allison Tuna or Ahi fish and it is found in Australian waters. The caudal fin of the yellowfin tuna is definitely serrated in an "M" chap at the centre of its fork. Behind the second dorsal fin and the anal fin, the body profile of the yellowfin tuna is to some extent flat. The ventral surface of the liver is smooth and the right lobe is longer than the central lobe. Yellowfin tuna adults are eminent by having a reasonably long pectoral fin that is one third to one quarter the body fork length. They are colorful fishes; their color may vary from blue to steel black above, silver to silvery gold on the flanks, silvery white below. The stomach area sometimes carries oval, colorless patches and vague broken vertical bars of white. These are more perceptible in juvenile’s yellowfin fish. The yellowfins fins are bright yellow. They have a preference for clean water with water temperatures of 17 to 27 °C. They not often risk into dirty, discolored areas. Yellowfin feed both on the surface and fine down in the water column. Adult fish have very long yellow second dorsal and anal fins.

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