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Originated from the Hakka dish stuffed tofu, it is originally tofu stuffed with minced Pork and flavoured with salted . The hawker version is a creative reinvention consisting not just of stuffed tofu but a great many interesting ingredients. Minced meat has been replaced with paste. What's important in this dish is the soup and the sauces, the rest is up to your imagination!

Presented here is a simplified version that is fast and easy to make, this is a highly flexible dish since most ingredients are just boiled. You may replace or add your favourite ingredients to the suggested ones below.


Yong Tau Foo

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(Japanese soup stock is an excellent replacement)

Garnish and Sauce Edit

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  1. Prepare soup stock and boil pig skin and bean curd stick until soft, briefly cook the other ingredients.
  2. To serve, put various ingredients in a bowl and pour hoisin and chili sauce over, splash some sesame oil over and topped with spring onions and roasted sesame seeds. Soup to be served on the side.

Variations Edit

  • Alternatively, all ingredients maybe served in the soup and the hoisin and chilli sauce served as a dip sauce.
  • You may create your own favourite mix of ingredients. Other ingredients that are nice for this dish include fried wonton, re-hydrated squid, tomatoes, fried aubergines and mini fried meat rolls.
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