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The scientific name for this plant is Rubus caesius and it belongs to the family Rosaceae. Youngberry is a hybrid blackberry variety which has a red colour and a juicy and sweet flesh. This plant was developed in Morgan City, Louisiana by B.M. Young in 1905 but it was introduced only in 1926, becoming important very quickly. It differs from other types of blackberries as it has long, slender stems which trail around the ground. The fruits ripen two weeks earlier than the fruits of other blackberry species do. Usually, youngberries grow in gardens. The ripe fruit represents an aggregate of small, purplish-black drupes that are attached to a receptacle which has the shape of a cone. There are more that 24 species of blackberry throughout the world and youngberry is one of them. Despite the fact that the blackberry was developed as a wild fruit, it was rarely grown as a garden fruit until 1850 but after this year it has been widely cultivated.

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