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Meat balls with mini pearls

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  1. Mince the pork, add seasoning and mix well.
  2. Shell off the water chestnuts, soak dry shrimps until fully soft.
  3. Chop water chestnuts, spring onion, dry shrimps, Chinese ham finely.
  4. Soak glutinous rice by warm water for 40 minutes, mix with chopped ham.
  5. Add chopped water chest nut, dry shrimp and spring onion to minced pork.
  6. Mix all minced and chopped materials well, press and make balls shape.
  7. Roll on the glutinous rice, make rice totally coated to the meat balls.
  8. Locate rice-meat balls on a plain dish or a steam case *.
  9. Steam in high heat for 20 minutes, pour out sauce and serve.
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