Name Variations Edit

  • skhug
  • s'hug
  • s'khug

About zhug Edit

Zhug is a Yemeni hot sauce popular in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Zhug is made from fresh hot peppers seasoned with coriander, garlic and various spices. Skhug adom (red zhug) is made with red peppers and skhug yarok (green skhug) from green peppers. Skhug chum (brown zhug) is skhug yarok with tomatoes.

In Israel, zhug is sometimes referred to by the more generic term kharif (Hebrew: חריף; lit. "spicy"). It is a popular condiment at Israeli falafel and shawarma stands.

Traditionally, zhug is ground with a mortar and pestle. Each ingredient is ground separately by hand, mixed together and ground again.

Recipe Edit

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